November 18, 2004:
WOHOO!! I've uploaded FIVE new wallpapers. Four Kusatta wallpapers by garglegargle and one Punch Drunk Babies by Siricia. All 1024 x 768. They are all avaliable in the others section.

August 8, 2004:
Well it's just after 1 am and I can't sleep. I keep forgetting to add the other 1024x768 Doll wallpapers by BeanCat to the other section, but I finally did it. I hope you all like them. They are almost identical but not quite. I like them both so I posted them both. I welcome all wallpaper submissions by the way. ^__^

July 16, 2004:
Another submission. This time a 1024x768 Doll wallpaper by BeanCat. It's really really cool so I hope you all like it. I've posted it in the others section.

June 22, 2004:
^o^ My first submission!!! Thanks Denni. A Gung 800 x 600 wallpaper. Check it out in my others sections. ^___________^

June 20, 2004:
It is with thanks to Janice that I was able to move my scanlation site to a bannerless, pop-up free site at megkf.scanlations.com. This site will now be solely for wallpapers.